Grants to Teachers Program

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The West Valley Education Foundation was created to enrich and help maximize the quality of education in the schools of the district by providing financial support for programs that assist in achieving academic excellence.  The Foundation believes, as do the businesses and individuals who support it, that students can benefit academically from participation in enrichment programs/activities offered in addition to those supported by district funds.  To this end, the Foundation developed the Grants-to-Teachers Program.

The Grants-to-Teachers Program encourages teachers to submit grant requests that will fund projects to improve student achievement.  The proposals can be innovative or needs-based.  There will be a total fund of $7,500 available for the 2023-2024 school year (with a $750 per grant maximum) unless available funding changes significantly.  Team grant applicants, please add a brief (50 words or less) explanation of each person’s role in the grant execution.  Grant activities in no way supersede the school district’s curriculum.

To submit your application or if you have any questions regarding the attached application form, please contact the West Valley Education Foundation at

West Valley Education Foundation Goals

  • To encourage academic excellence in the West Valley School District schools by providing funding not available through traditional local, state, or federal sources;
  • To provide a perpetual source of funds through donations received from individuals, corporations, foundations, fund-raising projects, and interest earned on endowment funds;
  • To serve as a catalyst and conduit for involving the community in the West Valley School District.

Grant Guidelines/Requirements

  • To best facilitate funding for the 2023-2024 school year, completed applications should be received in the Foundation mailbox in the West Valley School District office as soon as the applicant is able to provide all the required information.
  • Applications are evaluated and approved on a first come first serve basis.
  • When applications are received during the school year, grant requests must be submitted at least 30 days before program start date.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to limit the dollar amount to any one program, depending on its annual budget.
  • The proposal must be signed by the building/program administrator.
  • A Grant Evaluation form will be sent to the teachers that are awarded grants.  Evaluations should be completed by the applicant after completion of the funded program/event/activity.  The due date for evaluations will be printed on the evaluation form.

Notification of Recipients:  Recipients will be notified 4-8 weeks from submission of the proposal.

Eligible Projects:  All projects must offer an innovative or needs-based approach.  Compatibility of the projects with the goals and objectives of the West Valley School District will be considered.  The West Valley Education Foundation will not fund field trips, meals, or salaries.

Any material purchased with grant funds becomes the property of the West Valley Education Foundation.  The recipient of a grant accepts responsibility for submitting an evaluation of the project to the West Valley Education Board of Directors.